The Key Benefits of E-Learning as Compared To a Traditional Classroom

The advent of IT and easy access of internet has revolutionised the learning industry. E-learning has come as an alternative to traditional learning.

In the past few decades the world has undergone an IT revolution. Just as the agricultural and industrial revolutions changed the world for good so has the IT revolution. One of the fields in which it has had a profound effect is the learning industry. Before the IT revolution took place, students were limited in their means of learning. They were tied to time and space bondages by needing to physically go to a place of teaching and then pursue their goals.

Disadvantages of Traditional Learning

We all are well aware of the benefits of the traditional way of learning through a classroom. For the sake of this article and to draw a pertinent comparison we will only dwell on the disadvantages. First and foremost is the non-uniformity of the standard of education available to all classes of students. For e.g. someone who has hefty funds available at their disposalan avail the best of the schools/ colleges and universities available to him. But even this type of class can face limitations of space. That is, if they want to study in a different country they will have to apply for a VISA and only if granted will they be able to pursue their goal. Enough to say for the poorer class of students that they will only have access to the public/ government system of learning.

Advantages of e-Learning

Now, lets’ take a look at the system of e-learning. What it has to offer as compared to the traditional classroom. Well, first and foremost is the uniform level of access to students worldwide. Granted that some of the e-learning courses are only available for a hefty price. But at the same time, the many of the leading Ivy League universities have made online courses available through their own online platforms or in collaboration with other partners free of cost. Case in point is online resource for e-learning, It has started to revolutionise the way people view e-learning and benefit from it.

Acceptance as a Norm

Slowly but surely the society as a whole and the students particularly have started to embrace the concept of e-learning. Alongside it, many teaching institutions have started running side to side e-learning course with their traditional classroom ones. Although e-learning has come a long way it still has some distance to cover. But the change has surely taken place. Till now the revolution has borne positive outcome.

Which is better?

So which is better? Traditional learning or e-learning? Well although both have their advantages and disadvantages like all other things in this world; we will have to side with e-learning for the obvious advantages stated above. It is the future and those who embrace it will have a better chance of coping with the challenges life has to offer. Those who will follow the progressive change in the system of learning will surely benefit from the strengths it has to offer. It is up to the informed reader to make a decision on their own.

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The authors’ name is Mia Jack. She is a lifelong learner. She has held various teaching positions and is a regular contributor to various online blogs.Her written work abilities are affirmed with the assignment writing service | Assignment Clock. Additionally, she is outstanding for her motivational and rousing discourse in the instruction part.

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