Best Traffic Apps & Websites for Commuters in the UK

For a regular commuter like an office-goer, daily update on traffic at the right time is nothing short of a blessing. Rather than being stuck in traffic jams for hours, they will be able to figure out alternative routes to reach their destination on time. With the emergence of modern technology, you will find plenty of platforms online where you can get to know about the traffic scene in your city. Let’s have a look at the best apps and websites you can find on the internet for getting live updates of traffic scene in your city.

Traffic Zebra

Traffic Zebra is one of the most popular websites among the people to search for the traffic conditions in their city. There are various search filters available on the website which can make it easier for you to narrow down the search results as per your query. The website also offers latest traffic news and traffic accident news from around the world. Apart from the UK, you can also search for traffic conditions of various countries including the US, Kenya, New Zealand, Bermuda, India etc.


For the smartphone and other handheld device owners, Waze is the perfect app. It uses the GPS system of the device to tell the user about the traffic conditions of their surroundings. Furthermore, the app also notifies the users about the alternate routes if the main roads are congested. It can alert them about the police and speed cam. The app can also notify you about the nearby locations i.e. gas stations etc. You can customize as per your preference; moreover, the app can work anywhere in the world. It is available to be downloaded on both the major platforms i.e. Android’s Playstore and Apple’s Appstore.

Bing Maps

Part of the Microsoft’s Bing Suite, Bing Maps have emerged out to be one of the most used sources to get awareness of the traffic conditions in your city. The website offers street maps that include road view, aerial view, bird’s eye view, streetside view, venue maps, and 3D maps.  Users can also use this app for driving, walking, and transit directions. The website provides limited and full coverage in various countries.

London Traffic

If you reside in London, there can be a no better option to visit to know about the current traffic conditions in your city. The website is updated with the complete traffic information on the major roads of the city. If you are a regular commuter in London, you must definitely visit this website before stepping out of your home to reach your destination without any stress or hassle.


Twitraffic is for those who want to stay updated on real time traffic scene of the city. The app is currently available for UK residents but will soon be available on the other parts of the world. The app shows latest traffic related tweets which can help you to decide your route to reach your destination.

In traditional times, people used to rely on Television or radios to know about the traffic conditions, but the advent of technology has certainly made things easier for us. The various apps and websites available for traffic conditions awareness can help to eliminate the traffic chaos and hassles, and you can reach your destination without wasting any time.  Such apps and websites can also give you an estimated time it will take you to reach the destination, so you can start your journey at the right time.

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