Do you believe that? Man killed his wife just for laughing at him

The goal of marriage is not to think alike but to think together – having a relationship is the demand of lifestyle but Utah man had killed his wife just for laughing?

Do you believe that? The FBI had reported that man belonging from Utah had killed her wife on the luxury cruise ship and then told his friend he did it because she laughed at him. Read More


Kenneth Manzanares belonging from Santa Clara, Utah was charged with the murder for killing his wife as he was found with bloody hands, clothes and his cabin was found with blood splattered.

The worst scene ever occurs:

  • The witness has found the person in the couple’s room before the police reached the spot and saw that his wife Kristy was just 39 years old on the floor covered with the blood.
  • One witness added that the husband drags his wife towards the balcony of his cabin but then bring her back to the cabin shortly.
  • The man was asked what happened, he added that my wife never stops laughing at me and I came in the anger and killed her – he also added that my life is over.
  • The ship security had captured the husband in their custody before the FBI reached the crime scene and take the person into their own custody for further investigation.
  • The court documents show that his wife Kristy was found dead on the floor and a severe head wound occurred and the security officer added that he had found blood on the hands of Manzanares.
  • The security officer also told the courts that different witness has entered into the couples room when the scene occurs and find the blood everywhere in the room.

The agent tells that when he investigates the husband, he added that my wife never stops laughing and now my life is over. The preliminary hearing of the case scheduled for August 10 but the judge never bail the Mr. Manzanares. See More

The organization in which Kristy works added that we will never forget the vibrating personality of Kristy, welcoming smile, kind heart, and compassion for everyone.

Princess Cruises said in a statement that ‘our prayers must stay with the people that are associated with the scene and condolence for the family of Kristy.

The friends of the Utah couple remained shocked after the incidence and felt sorry for their families as the Kristy was dedicated loving mother and made her children top priority.

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