How to Set Up Underground Dog Fences at Home

When you have a dog at home, you will notice that your dog really has a tendency to go outside your yard. What’s worse, your dog may even destroy your neighbor’s garden, which could cause you some trouble and money. To make sure that your dog only stays in your area, you can set up underground dog fences in your area. The Best underground dog fences cost less than the usual above ground fences, so they are a very practical choice when you do not want to spend a great deal of money on your dog fences. They are also an effective way to keep your pet secured in your own area. You can hire a professional to set up the underground fences or you can do it yourself, which could save you more on the cost. Below are the important steps that you could follow when you want to set up underground fences by yourself.

First Step: Prepare your tools.

The tools that you are going to use depend on the size of the underground fences. For small areas, you may use any appropriate garden tool. However, for wide areas, you will need a trencher. When you use it, you will not have a hard time setting up the fences. If the ground is solid or harder, you must use a sharp circular saw or something similar.

Second Step: Plan how your underground fences should look like.

Specify in your drawing the scope of the underground fences and the exact place where you prefer to install them. Check for utility lines that might be present underground so that they do not interfere with the fences later.

Third Step: Locate where you want to install the transmitter.

Set the transmitter in a convenient place. It should not be placed near a water heater. Read the directions in the user’s manual thoroughly and only utilize the materials provided by the maker.

Fourth Step: Start connecting the Electric Dog Fence Wire to the installed transmitter.

The wire should be connected correctly to the transmitter, which should be plugged into the outlet. It is also best to use a reliable surge protector. When the transmitter is turned on successfully, you will see a light that indicates it.

Fifth Step: Delineate the scope of the boundaries.

The scope of the boundaries can be set using the transmitter. Read the user’s manual carefully to learn how to set it. Try to follow the advice of the maker regarding the setting of boundaries.

Sixth Step: Use the right batteries for the dog collar.

You should use the batteries recommended by the maker. Place the batteries into the battery compartment of the collar.

Seventh Step: Find out if the system is functioning well.

The underground fence wires must work along with the collar. To find out that both of them are working well, try bringing the collar close to the wires and see if you hear a beeping sound right after. However, if you do not get to hear a beeping sound, this means you need to adjust the boundary setting again until you can hear a beeping sound.

Eight Step: Build a trench.

After finding out that the system is okay, you can now start digging to build a trench. It should not be over three inches deep and should be just enough to accommodate the underground fence wires. After placing the wires, the trench should be covered with the same soil.

Ninth Step: Mark the underground fences.

It is best to set some markers on the boundary line. The markers should be set around five to ten feet apart, depending on the size of the underground fences. Those markers will help the dog remember the boundary line. Once the dog becomes so familiar with the boundary line, you do not need to use the markers anymore.

Last Step: Attach the collar to your pet’s neck.

You should let your pet wear the collar now. Adjust the bark collar in such a way that your pet’s skin can feel the contact points. Your dog must feel comfortable with the collar, so see to it that it is not too tight that he cannot breathe well anymore and not too loose that the collar might easily fall off.

Underground dog fences can certainly prevent your dog from going outside your area. You may have to wait for some time before your dog becomes accustomed to the underground fences.  However, your dog will be able to recognize the boundaries as time goes by. Dogs always designate and protect their own territories, so they will definitely consider the boundaries set for them as their territory once they get used to the underground fences sooner or later. When that time comes, you will know that your efforts in setting up the underground fences were not in vain at all.

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