Why women should consider weighted vest for health benefits?

Weighted vests come in countless colors and designs and becoming a fashion statement for women now a days. But it is more than a fashion statement in ways it’s an effective workout accessory.  If you think than weighted vests are effective for men only then you are wrong. Women can get enormous benefits by working out wearing a best weighted vest. Some of the key benefits for women are described below:


Stronger bones:

Women’s bones tend to become lighter after menopause which result in losing bone mass. Weighted vests can be very beneficial at this stage for women. If you wear a weighted vest during your jumping exercises it will prevent bone loss because of the ground reaction force during jumping.

Tones up your body:

Weighted vests will tone up lean down your body due to the extreme workout challenge they will offer. Weighted vests put additional weight on body and as the body senses extra weight it starts to work harder which in turn burn extra calories on your body. You will feel carrying extra weight even though you have removed it from your body and as a result it will increase your strength burning calories and extra fat.

Increases balance and stability:

Due to the additional amount of weight weighted vest put on body during workouts it helps to increase the balance of body. Muscles are not used when wearing a weighted vest which develops strength and ability and is one of the most important factors to increase the balance and stability of your body.

Builds muscles:

Muscles started to diminish as women get older. Resistance training along with a weighted vest increases muscle mass and reduce muscles loss as it makes exercises more challenging and in turn increases strength.

Improves cardiovascular health:

Wearing a weighted vest during your cardio workout makes your muscles to work more hard and at the same time your lungs and heart to work harder in order to supply the working muscles of your body with oxygen and blood. And the stronger heart and lungs you will have, the more improved your physical performance will be.

Gives you more power:

Weighted vests increase the jumping power. An article published in 2006 in the “Journal of Athletic Training” states that adding weight equal to 2% of total body weight helps improve jumping performances of women.

There are many effective workouts for women with the use of weighted vests. One of them is “Core Performance Training”. If you wear a weighted vest during your core performing routine it will increase the intensity of your workout and develop agility and power.

Wearing a weighted vest while jumping whether indoor or outdoor makes it an even more difficult and extreme body workout. Other light exercises such as walking or running with a weighted vest burn more calories and develop the muscles.

As you can see, wearing a weighted vest during exercises modifies the workout experience whether women are looking for building muscles or losing calories or stronger bones.

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