Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

For long, wine has been considered as one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. This drink is among the beverages consumed most, by both men and women.

Wine is used for various purposes and occasions. Gradually, it becomes the indispensable drink in each meal.

When being mentioned, wine is often criticized for its risk of bad effects on health. However, now you will be surprised for the health benefits it brings as long as you just consume a glass of this drink each day.

Wine may bring to you many positive impacts which you might not know yet. This article will point out some of the most outstanding ones.

  1. Depression

The very first one in this list is the abilities of wine in boosting your mood, thereby making you feel better. Some studies have illustrated that win can help reduce the possibilities of depression and dizziness as well.

Depression is a term described a common but quite serious mood disorder. This triggers many negative impacts on your feelings, thereby affecting your daily activities. It is believed that drinking some glasses of wine per week has certain impacts on the rate of depression.

Undeniably, consuming a glass of wine a day may keep you away from negative mood.


  1. Anti-aging

The second benefit of wine is slowing down the aging process from the first signs.

Combined with many medication and home remedies for aging skin, wine supports the body in keeping you stay young. It is due to the presence of resveratrol substance and other compounds called procyanidins. These properties work to keep the blood vessels always healthy which is necessary to help you maintain your young life longer.

Therefore, moderate wine a day may help a lot in lasting your young beauty.

  1. Diabetes

For long, wine has been well-known for its benefit in lowering the risk of diabetes, especially the type 2 diabetes. It is true that those with high blood glucose may get troubles with diabetes easier.

Medically, insulin resistance is one of the main factors triggering type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, thanks to the resveratrol in its content, wine has certain effects on the sensitivity of insulin

Moreover, wine also acts to contribute to the process of insulin receptors production in the body, thereby preventing the development of any symptom of type-2 diabetes.


  1. Bone

The next reason you should drink an appropriate amount of wine per day is to enhance the bone health.

It is believed that some properties in wine can have positive impacts on the bone density. Moreover, this drink also supports the development of bone inside the body. Specifically, it helps encourage the osteotrophic activity in replacing the damaged ones by producing new bone tissues.

  1. Dementia

It will be a mistake if you dismiss the next benefit of wine. This has been confirmed by many researchers.

Dementia refers to a situation in which those suffering have to face a decline in memory or other thinking skills.

Due to the resveratrol in the content, wine helps keep the blood vessels stable, thereby enhancing the memory matters.

You are advised to consume a glass of red wine daily to get relieves for dementia. It is because most of resveratrol are included in the skin of red grapes.

  1. Cancer

It sounds a myth but it is true that consuming wine gives you relieves in overcoming some types of cancer.

The reasonable consumption of this beverage can support the reduction of estrogen levels as well as increase the testosterone in women before menopause period.

Plus, thanks to some promising properties in the content, wine helps protect you from lung cancer.

According to a survey from Stony Brook University, the risk of getting colon cancer decreases by 45 percent because of consuming red wine.

Furthermore, men also take advantages from red wine. A study in 2007 indicated that the possibilities of getting prostate cancer in men who consume some glasses of wine per week are 52% lower than those of the male who never drink.

Therefore, whether you believe or not, consuming moderate amount of wine has certain impacts on avoiding and fighting against some types of cancer.

  1. Sunburn

Sunburn is always regarded as a nightmare of many girls. Severe sunburn leads to the activation of reactive oxygen species, thereby oxidizing DNA and fats. This might be very harmful to your skin cells.

Luckily, wine can help in this situation. Packed with flavonoids, wine contributes to protect your skin from UV light then reduce the damaged skill cells caused by sunburn.

  1. Blindness

It is said that the number of people facing problems related to eyes is higher and higher due to various factors.

Medically, once the growth of blood vessels is uncontrollable, some vision matters may come to you such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration.

Loading with abundant source of resveratrol, wine (especially red wine) can help stop this increase, thereby lowering the risk of suffering those diseases.

You should consume a glass of wine daily to possess good eyes.

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