How Essential Oils Can Help with Arthritis

Millions of Americans and around the world suffer from arthritis in one form or another, as well as the painful, inflammatory conditions associated with it. This pain can be a regular, often daily, occurrence for those dealing with arthritis, and it’s these exact people who can attest to the fact that handling the pain – while simultaneously attempting to prevent flare-ups – is a constant battle. Fortunately, making some easy alterations to one’s lifestyle, such as using essential oils, can help to relieve the daily stress of arthritis pain.


Like any other extreme pain that ails us, arthritis pain brings with it the overwhelming need to squelch it as immediately as possible; because struggling blindly against a painful illness is often quite difficult, many people turn to medications that fall into the NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) category such as aspirin (Bufferin, Excedrin and Bayer), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB) and naproxen (Aleve) – the problem with this approach is that far too many physicians recommend NSAIDs without thinking twice. Consequently, most individuals don’t realize that therapies of a natural kind can be most effective for treating painful arthritis.


Not-So-Fun Fact:The Food and Drug Administration has admitted that “NSAID medicines may increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke that can lead to death.”


Imagine being able to tackle arthritic pain devoid of prescriptions…sound like a pipe dream? It isn’t, and essential oils are the answer.


Sharp pains related to arthritis, and secondary conditions such as insomnia, can be effectively soothed by using essential oils – with virtually no side effects. Further, research has made it quite clear that aromatherapy is very effective when it comes to helping arthritis patients, with specific oils standing out among the rest…and we’re going to concentrate on these oils here.


Top Essential Oils for Inflammation


The following anti-inflammatory oils can be made part of your daily essential oil routine if you want to begin addressing the root cause of your discomfort:


  1. Frankincense


Frankincense oil plays the dual role of being anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and can be used in diffusers, topical body care products or directly inhaled.


  1. Lavender


While lavender essential oil has been commonly used to treat the skin or improve sleep, it was shown to offer a range of benefits when considering its therapeutic approaches to arthritis. As an anti-inflammatory oil, lavender helps to relieve the painful inflammation and swelling arthritis brings, while also acting as an analgesic to tackle the multiple angles of arthritic pain.


  1. Chamomile


Roman chamomile can be added to topical massage oils to work anti-inflammatory compounds into the skin and onto joints and other pain sites; you can also diffuse chamomile to help relax cases of anxiety or depression.


  1. Yarrow


A calming and healing herb, yarrow contains essential oil that carries anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial for ailments of an arthritic nature. Topical preparations of yarrow can help to enhance anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving fusions, yielding special blends that help to relieve pain and inflammation for your specific arthritis condition.


The key is to take some of the oils we’ve mentioned here and try to discover for yourself the different blends that respond positively to your body’s specific chemistry.

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