Headphones Guide: Must Read Before Buying

Headphones Guide: Must Read Before Buying

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Headphones Guide: Must Read Before Buying
Headphones Guide: Must Read Before Buying
Headphones Guide: Must Read Before Buying


We all need a pair of headphones for ourselves because we love our music and wish to stream it at any given time. However, what kind of headphones should we get? There is a huge number of headphones models shelved in the market today. They come in all the different shapes and sizes and each marketed for some good feature. It is rather an arduous task to choose a good pair of headphones for oneself, don’t you agree? Getting the sound right can make all the difference between a boring bus ride and an emotional journey. But there’s more to headphones than what you see. There are some basics that you need an introduction to. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can decide for yourself what kind of headphones would suit you.

This brief but comprehensive guide will help you get a better understanding of what to look for in headphones. This guide is divided into two sections, the first explains the basic types of headphones available in the market at present and the second elaborates on specs and features of these devices.

Types of headphones

Classically, there are three basic types of headphones: in-ears, on-ears and over-ears.

These are the smallest and most portable type of headphones which fit into your ear canal and are powered by small drivers which are usually 8-10mm in size.

Pros: The in-ear headphones are quite compact in size and lightweight which makes them comfortable to use and easy to carry.

Cons: The sound quality is not best due to small drivers and some people complain that their ear canals hurt because of this design.

The on-ears headphones sit on the surface of the ear and use larger driver casings, along with a headband that keeps the earcups in place securely on your ears. Normally, on-ears headsets use 30-40mm drivers.

Pros: On-ears are good on sound quality performance and are comfortable to wear for they sit on the ears not inside them.

Cons: These are not the most portable, can be quite difficult to carry around. Some people complain that this design makes ears sweaty which is quite valid.

The over-ears headphones or the less commonly known circum-aural headphones are the largest and generally the most comfortable kind of headphones. These have large driver casings and a headband, but the ear cups wrap fully around your ears, rather than resting on them. The drivers can be much larger at 45mm and above, which allows for a louder and more detailed sound signature.

Pros: The over-ears headphones have the most detailed sound signature. They are the best on sound quality performance and have exceptional sound isolation provision as well. These are very comfortable as well.

Cons: The one drawback of the over-ears headphones that these are rather large and bulky. These are not the most portable and quite difficult to carry around. They might feel heavy on the head as well.

Specs and Features

The second thing you need to understand are some of the most important and basic specs and features of the modern headphones. Here is your guide to the specificity features of headphones:

Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancelling headphones have built-in small microphones that pick up on outside noise, and produce noise in the opposite frequency, to cancel out the outside sound. The noise cancelling headphones are helpfulin obstructing the regular droning sounds, such as engines, air-conditioner and other such uniform frequency sounds. These do not work enough for sharp and irregular sounds for they are very difficult to detect and cancel out.

Gaming headphones are specifically designed devices to be used when playing video games computers, consoles or portable devices, to enhance the in-game audio experience. The top quality products feature 7.1 surround sound technology which creates an artificial environment for the user, cancelling out all ambient noise and enhancing the game sounds to higher levels.  This helps gamers identify the direction of the audio. If you are a gamer, you should not lower your productivity and diminish your experience with non-gaming handsets. That’s rather sinful.


The modern headphones are equipped wireless connectivity technology and are free of cords and cable. These can be used comfortably without worrying about cable length and tangling. Wireless Gaming headphones usually work on one of three major transmission technologies: radio frequency, infrared and Bluetooth. The first two require anout-and-out base unit which connects to the source device and broadcasts the frequency to the headphones, while the third uses the popular Bluetooth technology and can be paired wirelessly with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and computers. These are lower on sound quality when compared with the wired devices but are extremely portable and, thus, productive.


Whenever you buy yourself a pair of headphones, consult this guide to see what you need and then find the best article in your given price range. It gives you all the necessary information.

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