Adsense Ad Placement Optimization for Mobile users

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Every year mobile users are available or are the people who are using android smartphone.

People are using internet browsing in their phone device itself or read pages on the mobile.

Example, in 2013 only 135 used the internet but in 2016 its reached more that 38%. mobile marketing is increasingly showing up in the next couple 50% internet users will used android device.

Mobile marketing has been changed to a Google search engine that has been able to focus on the mobile version of the online market the main reason today is by the help of application on android mobile now anything is the blogger of the website and blogs on mobile traffic are the most important for them.

More then 50% of mobile users will be thier in the world in the   upcoming I will suggest you to prepared for it.For the web owner of the website,this earning value of the site or thi earning source is mostly advertising.Like google adsense blogger affiliate marketing and some other method is available from the blog.

Todays,we will be taking about Adsense ad placement optimize for the mobile user to get better performance in the future by google adsense advertising and good earning througt it.

How to Optimize Adsense Ad placement for Mobile Users  2017

However adsense has already given responsive ads and some other mobile ad units feature but still cannot makes 100% Adsense mobile friendly we need basic information to use  adsense.

But there are some ways to get rid of Adsense ads correctly. The main Adsense optimization feature has been written by me to write articles you can also read some post from Adsense for real time. for optimize Adsense ad placement for mobile users.

  1. A big mobile banner at the top
  2. Hide ads in tablets and mobile
  3. Try top, middle and bottem ad placement ads
  4. Choose best ad unit or responsive ads
  5. And use many other ad placement methods

By the way, it has been easy to get anywhere or it’s easy to get any benefits from your mobile users. The main Adsense ads manual optimization or responsive size to test your blog performance of optimize ad is much better than auto responsive ad unit

Google has also proved that responsive ad every time and in ever device  does not work better.That why its very important to optimize Adsense ad placement. yes ,we had already done it and from ad placement optimization through Adsense earning  increase to 60% and making good earning through Adsense.

Top 5 Adsense ad Placement Optimization  Formulas for Mobile Traffic

  1. A Large Mobile Banner Ads:

Generally, Adsense publishers think this is the only banner ads  to work on desktop version. But this is not 100% true it has been tested that banner ad is much effective on the mobile.

From ant other side Header and Web page are in top of mobile banner ads like 320*100 ad unit can earn more money because clicks and CPC both are much more in it. You can use the header of the mobile version of the header or post title as is best in the header 320*100 and page title 300*250.

The google Adsense policy has also been conformed as the best way to get mobile banner ad quality .I also have a personal  experience that the site has a great network of banner which is good for you.


        2.Hide sidebars Ads on Tablet and Mobile:

Sidebars is important for all website or blogs. But only for desktop version. The sidebars of the mobile version is not much effective. Actually, open web pages in the  mobile and sidebars located on the bottem of the page only 20% of visitor  have  been able to scroll through the sidebars.

The is the reason why the mobile traffic on the  sidebars ads has been clicked on.  I know sidebars ads is much more high than CPC. But this is only way to get ads by clicking on the impression on the site of high paying ads.

Moslty the wordpress theme and blogspot template has been added to hide the webpage sidebars. But if You do not have a features on your site you can easily hide css code from the help of the sidebar.

Its depend upon you but my suggestion is to hide only  the post and pages of the site sidebars  but the homepages, archives, category tag only show in the sidebars.

Because the entire webpage content lengthis short, only long post  are counted as content, so it is possible to scroll through the user’s page. You can try it 100% effective for the mobile traffic.

       3.Choose Best Ad Grouping Top Middle and Bottom:

You have been gone though it that Adsense ad placement articles on a site that is better than the middle of the site or on the website. I had explained about this old article. I will explained which size ad unit is better to use in mobile version for post content in top , middle and bottom.

I should tell about those  group from which you can generate good amount of revenue on your own site. In our post content there are 3 best option for Adsense  ad placement.

1) The first is the subject of the first paragraph

2) The second ad was placed after the 5th to 7th  paragraph  and middle of the post

3) The final ad was  placed  at the end of the post

Every  Adsense placement expert tell about it. But I will suggest you to follow 2  tips. I know this work is best for me but I don’t know it will work for other or not but can try it.

1) Ad Adsense ad after the first second or third paragraph

2) Ad Adsense ad before the last second or third paragraph

I am not saying that top, middle or bottom doesn’t work in ad unit .This is the best way to get a better result than the first and last 2 and 3 paragraph number.

      4.Choose Best and Responsive Ad Unit:

For mobile traffic to optimize the placement  of Adsense. it is recommended that you use the mobile user to find out which unit are better or you can  use them to access the site.

It is much better responsive ad unit for the mobile user because it shows anwser in all device doesn’t work better all the time but comparing to other ad unit is better instead of other you can used ad units.

1) Responsive –Automatic size(recommended)

2)320*100-Large Mobile Banner

3)320*50-Mobile Banner



6) Custom size Ad units

From other unit I used to get better result in responsive 300+250 and 320*100 size ad unit from which I used. Responsive ad unit is the most important.

        5.Your Expirence Some Other Method:

Your expirence :- tips and tricks explain by other we can do much better or less than that.To get a better idea of how to do better or not. we have made plan for the future.Definitly  you can do only  thingis that you should nedd to start first. I will tell you some of the point.

  •  Always use custom channel and URKL channels

  • Always check your Ad Performance Reports

  • Always use Google Analytics  and views Adsense Reports

  • Always Try Your Own Tricks and Try Something New

Always Try Your Own Tricks and Try Something New

Newbie Adsense  publisher is not able to provide full information  or complete information about the custom channel or Adsense important features. so that cannot earn good from Adsense .The big mistake is we did not check the performance reports of Adsense ad unit.

You should know my site how much earning is earn from ad unit and how does it perforemed well. if u do not use any of the result from the search result, please do not try to add or remove them, or you have to click on either the right or CPC option.


Try some other methods

Here I will mention important matter which is for the Adsense publisher. anyway a illiterate person cannot use a book correctly same like that without knowledge of google Adsense cannot used the Adesnse correctly and cannot earn good revenue through Adsense.

Adsense placement policy , Adsense terms & condtion should know full or basic information. if you want to earn money in lakhs you should have to do this.How much you will be knowing about Adsense you will be earning and increase it day by day.

Follow me on optimization tips and startegies for traffic after that my Adsense revenure increase upto 70% you can follow Adsense them. By this formula you can earn easily boost your monthly and yearly Adsense earning from$500,$700,$1000,$5000.

I hope u like the Adsense tutorial

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